Review of Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT

A review of Quinnipiac University, Hamden, CT will show you a school on the move. Gaining in popularity, especially among New Englanders. Quinnipiac is gradually rising on the radar screen of many college bound seniors looking for a small university that offers them the positive aspects of a private institution, as well as offering them the kind of diversity in curriculum choices that will permit a healthy and happy resolution of the question of the selection of a major. A review of Quinnipiac University, Hamden, CT will help you to discover the degree to which this small, private college meets your current educational needs.

The Values of Quinnipiac Knowing what motivates the founding of a school such as Quinnipiac University, Hamden, CT can give prospective student a great window into the atmosphere one is likely to find on campus today.

While the rest of the nation took an economic hit during the first year of the Great Depression, in 1929 Quinnipiac University, Hamden, CT was just setting out. Perhaps tempered by the winds of economic challenge and personal doubt that marked the depression years, Quinnipiac launched a university program dedicated to three sustaining principles. First Quinnipiac University pledged to work with students to help them achieve academic excellence. Regardless of the field you choose at Quinnipiac University, the goal of everyone from the top down is committed to helping you to reach your potential in your chosen field.

Connected to the determination to provide students with paths and supports on the way to academic excellence Quinnipiac has also dedicated itself to be at once sensitive to the needs of the individual and supportive of the building of community. When students come to Quinnipiac they should feel that people see them as individuals with individual academic needs but at the same time they should feel part of a greater community that works together for the good of all. These are the lofty goals of Quinnipiac University, Hamden, CT

Academic Empowerment To help undergraduates achieve their academic goals, the administration at Quinnipiac University supports a curriculum that includes 51 possible majors. For a school of some 5500 undergraduates the possibilities are considerable. At Quinnipiac University there are a variety of schools offering programs of study in areas of specific interest including Health Sciences, Liberal Arts, Business and Communication. Regardless of your selection of a school and a major you will benefit from the "university curriculum" selected courses that are required of all graduates and will buttress your overall academic growth.

Academic empowerment is achieved at Quinnipiac in part through its well planned curriculum but it is experienced in small classroom settings. Class sizes at Quinnipiac average 25 which means enough students are present to provide diverse opinions and yet the group is small enough so that those diverse opinions have a chance to be raised. A strong emphasis is made on working directly with professors or in small group projects as part of student development in their particular field .

The result of the academic efforts made by administrators and faculty at Quinnipiac has not gone unnoticed. Quinnipiac University is consistently ranked by the Princeton Review and U. S. News and World Report among the best colleges and universities who provide Masters Level education. While some student prefer larger schools with extensive research departments and doctoral programs, there is something definitely to be said for smaller institutions where the focus of the academic life is squarely on undergraduates .

Keeping Busy at Quinnipiac Certainly being a student, carrying a full load of courses is a full day's work, students are also looking for activities to keep them busy and happy during their non-study hours. At Quinnipiac University you will be welcomed to join over 70 student groups and you are likely to find more than one that meets your interests or abilities. There are clubs here for those who have specific hobbies or interests like martial arts or computer science. There are groups that allow you to further develop your music, drama or dance ability through performance. You will also find plenty of groups that let you focus spare time on Greek life, student government, service to others or religion.

Best of all , if you don't find that special club you really want to join, you are encouraged to begin a new student organization to fit your needs.

Even though it is a relatively small school, Quinnipiac University is ranked by NCAA as a Division I school for athletic competition in women's and men's athletics for 21 total sports. If you are not into varsity competition, there are also plenty of on campus intramural sports for men, women and coed groups.

Not Yale When you think about private colleges in Connecticut the standard for excellence is certainly set by Yale University. An Ivy League school is definitely tough to beat. Quinnipiac University is definitely not Yale so don't waste time making the comparison. When you review Quinnipiac University you should be aware of what it does offer.

Your review of Quinnipiac University, Hamden, CT. should show you a small, private school which offers sound undergraduate preparation and good selection of possible majors. It should show a school that centers its efforts on both individual academic growth and the building of an academic community. When you come to the bottom line you may decide that not being Yale is sometimes a good thing. Undergraduate tuition at Quinnipiac is nudging $28,000 a hefty fee but compared to the Ivies a potential bargain waiting for you.Read more info about programming homework service


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